Winter Break Coding
Stuff to do during winter break!
Getting excited about coding!

Here's the plain and simple: I get excited about coding!  There MUST be something wrong with me, right?  It's not like I get an adrenaline rush from coding.  To me, some things that get me excited:

iOS Tutorial - How to add and configure mogenerator in Xcode 5

Adding mogenerator

1.) Go to and download mogenerator.   You could also install mogenerator via homebrew if you'd like too.  Instructions are below the download image (as shown below):

2.) After downloading the mogenerator DMG file, mount the image by double-clicking on it and then click on the package file to start installing it.  Let the installer run and finish.


iOS Discovery Log - Mogenerator and Core Data

In last night's Professional iOS Development class, we were introduced to mogenerator and was asked to complete an in-class exercise on getting mogenerator to work.

Right away, the first thing that came to my mind was, what is mogenerator?  After a few searches and readings, here's my explanation for what mogenerator is: 

iOS Discovery Log - ADNKit

I've been trying to figure out how to use ADNKit along with my team in our Professional iOS Development course to create a simple app that uses the ADNKit framework.  So far, it's been fairly difficult considering there aren't a lot of in-detail tutorials or documentation on ADNKit, so we've had to rely on what we already know and any of the few resources that we come upon.  Provided are some of the resources that have been helpful in understanding ADNKit and how to use it.

What is a Discovery Log?

You may have seen some of my posts labeled as a Discovery Log.  These were started in the Professional iOS Development course that I am currently attending as a way to approach learning specific topics.  The main point of the Discovery Logs is that the process of learning that topic is more important than worrying about completing a finished product, such as a sample app for such topic.