AngularJS Discovery Log - Form Validations

It's been a long time since I last worked on something besides work, so this past weekend I decided to get back to my expense tracking app after realizing I needed it now more than ever.  While working on it, I ran into a small dilemma: form validations.  I understand you can create directives, or even use the built-in filters if they fulfill your needs; but what if you needed more than that?

Site Update - Updated "About" and "Resources"

I have added new skills and have updated the skill ratings on the "About" page.  I have also changed the rating system around and added a brief explanation for the rating system for the skills so that it's more clear.  The "Resources" page has also been updated with a few new links for AngularJS.  Happy coding!


AngularJS Discovery Log - Custom Filters

One of the development skills I'm trying to build up is AngularJS and when I came across building custom filters, I was pretty surprised at how powerful and easy they were.  I like reusable code, who doesn't?  Custom filters help with that especially when you want to do something with the data such as reversing the text like in the example below.  Below is an example of how you can create your own filter and then use it in your view:


Cygwin Tutorial - Integrating Cygwin into Console2 for Windows

I use Cygwin quite often, since I do quite a lot development on Windows, but I like having multiple tabs opened when having to use any type of CLI.  When on my Mac, I like having multiple tabs opened in my terminal window, and same goes for your different flavors of Linux when I need to use them.  Cygwin doesn't give you this option but Console2 does.  Well, let's put them both together to get an awesome, working solution!  

Difficulty - Beginners

Shouldn't be too hard.

Site Update - Responsive Web Design

Want to view my site on your mobile device?  Try it!  My site is now fully responsive with a mobile device menu and all sections have been optimized for mobile.  Enjoy!

Gradle Tutorial - How to install Gradle on Windows

The installation instructions for Gradle on their site at is okay for a beginner, but could be better. If you followed the very simple instructions on their site, then you may have run into some trouble and would have to do some searching on the internet to find out why you weren't getting anything from typing gradle -v into the command prompt.