Frustration sets in for Angular 2

The first few chapters were incredible in getting my foot in the door on learning Angular 2, but once the book got to Angular 2 forms, it completely lost me on using webpack, instead of SystemJS. Now, here's the reason why frustration set in...I'm not familiar with webpack or how to troubleshoot the errors thrown at me due to it.  Actually, I'm not that familiar with a lot of the newer tech that's being used for JS framework apps in general, so consider me to be a level 1 noob in this case.  The sample projects in the book should have been as easy as "npm install", then "npm run go" right?  Wrong.  Your first app you build gets you excited until you end up using webpack, which the book doesn't into detail about, which I wasn't expecting it to in the first place.  I think as long as the sample apps were working, I wouldn't be so frustrated so as long as I can follow along with the text and see things working.

So what's the plan? I'm not going give up, so what I will do is go learn how to use webpack first.  THEN instead of using "ng-book 2" to continue learning the basics of Angular 2, I'm going to use Google's own documentation on it.  I will refer to "ng-book 2" whenever I want to expand on the concepts I want to know more about.  As of right now, it's not doing me any good to just read it like a novel.

If you're an absolute beginner with Angular 2, with no knowledge of any of the other tech like webpack, then I would recommend that you save your money and check out Google's own documentation on it first.  For instance, the 5 min quickstart and then the Hero Editor that will expand on the Angular 2 concepts will be great ways to get the bare concepts down.