Some Catching Up

It's been a crazy 3 months since I've started my new web developer job and with the projects piling up, I feel it'll get crazier in the months to come.  On top of the new job is a once-a-week night class that I'm taking this Fall called, Advanced iOS Development, which I'm taking in my spare time to catch up on iOS development and help me start learning Swift, Apple's new programming language for iOS/Mac development.  My mind hasn't been this stimulated in awhile so I'm pretty excited for my career as a developer moving forward.  Here's a brief recap of the past 3 months which hopefully will explain my lack of blog updates:

  • New web developer job
    • I've been coding in Java, using the Spring MVC framework, and this will be my first career position where I'll be using Java in a professional environment.
    • I've been coding in PHP also, but only when needed for custom templates or modules for Drupal.  Drupal is being leveraged for front-facing web projects for the organization allowing for a speedier development-to-production time.
    • Maintaining and supporting legacy applications = a lot of headaches.  My fellow developers on the team can attest to this.
    • Worked more than 40 hours my first week, and continue to do so.  Things just have to get done while the organization moves forward at a fast pace and I'm willing to help make that happen.  (Not sure if this is a healthy thing to do though.)
  • Fall class, Advanced iOS Development
    • Learning the new language, Swift.  I'm very excited for this and have already begun planning an app to code in Swift that I could showcase further down the road.

As crazy as it has been, I feel happy and cannot wait for what the future may have in store. Carpe occasionem!