Cygwin Tutorial - Integrating Cygwin into Console2 for Windows

I use Cygwin quite often, since I do quite a lot development on Windows, but I like having multiple tabs opened when having to use any type of CLI.  When on my Mac, I like having multiple tabs opened in my terminal window, and same goes for your different flavors of Linux when I need to use them.  Cygwin doesn't give you this option but Console2 does.  Well, let's put them both together to get an awesome, working solution!  

Difficulty - Beginners

Shouldn't be too hard.



  1. If you don't have Console2 or Cygwin installed, download the programs first
  2. Open up Console2
  3. Click on "Edit", then "Settings"
  4. Click on "Tabs"


  1. Next, click on "Add"


  1. Change the "Title" to whatever you want to call the tab name.
  2. In the "Shell" field, put in the path for the Cygwin.bat file.  Default installation will have it at: C:\cygwin64\Cygwin.bat
  3. Optional: You can add the icon for Cygwin in the "Icon" field if you'd like.  It should be located inside the directory, C:\cygwin64
  4. Once you enter everything in, it should look similar:


  1. Click "OK" and you should be able to run Cygwin inside of Console2 now.