Preliminary Review – ng-book 2

April 8, 2016

This is a preliminary review of the ebook, ng-book 2, that introduces the concepts of Angular 2 through the building of an actual Angular 2 app.

So far so good! Here are the pros and cons so far.


  • Hands-on type of instructions where you create an actual working application.
  • The explanations for each piece of code makes it easy to understand the Angular 2 concepts which is very important especially how much it has changed from AngularJS.
  • The authors do a very good job of explaining even non-Angular 2 concepts through comparisons with other programming language concepts.
  • The sections are chunked into readable pieces where it feels like the user isn’t being rushed to get something done.
  • The authors also give tips on troubleshooting!  I like how it’s not just a happy path straight through, but they take their time to explain what may go wrong and how to troubleshoot it.


  • When you copy and paste the code from the ebook, the number lines come with it also, so you end up having to manually delete the number lines.  Not sure if there’s a way to fix this though.  I’ve made myself just type out the entire code snippets.  It helps me with remembering the concepts through repetition, but I’m not sure if that’s the case for other devs.

This is just a preliminary review since I have only been through a couple of chapters so far.  I’ll remember to write a full review later on.  Enjoy!

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