First Impressions of React

December 1, 2016

I definitely like it better than Angular2. Easier learning curve and makes more sense.

About a week or so ago, I decided to hop on Codecademy and check out their React Part I and Part II courses.  They did an awesome job at introducing React.  They made it easy to understand and helped explain things in clear terms as you proceeded with the course.  I finished up a few days ago and decided to try my hand at creating something using React.

I decided I wanted to create a tool that would show you “expense cards” for specific pay periods as a way to help you keep track of expenses per pay period.  One of the things I waste a lot of time on with new tech like Angular2 and React is application file structure.  Too many differing opinions and nothing standard, so I went with what they at React recommended, create-react-app.  

React development is actually really fun!  Working with JSX, ES6, and all these other new tech with React is a refreshing change from my usual day-to-day work and then applying what I learned towards this prototype app has been fulfilling too.  

I really like the concept of React components and splitting them up into small, reusable parts.  I’ve always liked separation of parts, especially concerning stateless vs stateful parts.  

Below is a screenshot of what I have so far.  Nothing fancy, but it’s a start for my prototype.

2016-12-01 00_46_52-Finance.png‚Äč

If you’re a developer looking for something new to pick up, I definitely recommend React especially if you’re familiar with JavaScript. 

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