First Impressions of Redux

December 13, 2016

It’s a worthy struggle, I think. Definitely a change from just pure React.

Instead of moving my prototype React app over to Meteor, I decided I would take a longer route and learn Redux and create my own API with Express instead.  A few days ago, I set out to learn Redux and it was a bit more difficult than I had initially imagined due to lack of tutorials or meaningful resources.  In the end, I ended up picking apart the examples and as much of the information as I can off the Redux website instead.  I did try a couple of video tutorial series but they were a bit dated so I ran into errors that I attempted to troubleshoot only to move on to something else after a few hours of frustration.

Instead of refactoring what I already have, I decided to start with a part (component) of my prototype app and get that working first to really understand it without having too many things to work with at the same time.  After a few hours, I finally understood the whole data flow of Redux and I think it’ll definitely be worth it to learn it now since it should be fairly easy going forward until I want to start pulling data from a database or API.  I guess I’ll worry about that when I get there!

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