Goodbye Drupal, hello WordPress!

April 26, 2022

Hmm…where to start. This tech blog is powered by WordPress now. The end!

It was an easy choice to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. I was starting to hate running updates on Drupal. I was using Composer to run updates and from time to time it would just completely mess up the site. There was that one time that I had to recovery from backup because it was that bad. A2hosting has awesome support for Drupal, but even better support for WordPress so after multiple Drupal update attempts, I finally said goodbye to Drupal and hello to WordPress.

My other blog,, is already running on WordPress so it made the decision even easier. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Drupal, I just hate running Drupal updates. I’ve been a Drupal fan since Drupal 6 and having worked with it at the beginning of my software dev career. The likelihood of me ever going back to Drupal or spinning up a Drupal site for myself or anyone is probably close to 0%. It’s just not worth the time.

You’ll also notice a new site design! When I migrated over to WordPress, I decided to grab a template. There are tons and tons of templates out there for WordPress and with such limited time nowadays, I just couldn’t justify sitting around for hours trying to figure out how to create my own. I’m not much of a design person anyways so I like this tech blog looking minimal as much as possible.

It’s 2022! New job too. Still working remote. 8-month baby too. Life’s been a little crazy, but it’s been great. Hope everything has been well with you too, reader!

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