Create a microservices application architecture with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud - Part 1 - Microservices architecture overview
Want to create a full microservices application architecture with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud but don't know where to start? Check out these series of blog posts because I felt the same way too! This first part will give you an overview of the microservices application architecture we're going to build on our local environment.
Adding new subsections in sub menus using Vue router in VueJS
In this post, I'll be going over how I created the sub menus in Carpe Debitum and the subsections using Vue router. You may be able to use what I did to accomplish something similar.
New changes in Carpe Debitum such as subsections and another tracking feature!
It's been a couple of months, but I've continued working with VueJS and Spring Boot to add new front-end features such as new subsections and other areas for tracking purposes.
First look at the revised design for the frontend for Carpe Debitum
Using VueJS along with Vuex has been a blessing in disguise to really help put things together for the frontend. Here's a look at the revised design after an evening of looking at colors and getting inspiration from other applications. This is why I'm not a UX/UI designer.
Carpe Debitum - Seize your debt!
I got tired of using spreadsheets to track my financial debt accounts like my credit cards and school loans, so I decided to start a project using VueJS for the frontend and Spring Boot (Java) for the backend.
First impression of VueJS
As a full stack developer, I'm fairly comfortable with both front end and back end development, but haven't dived too far into the JavaScript front end frameworks. I decided to take VueJS on a test run by following a tutorial on building a simple todo app after hearing so much about it from the front end developers I had talked to.