iOS Discovery Log - ADNKit

I've been trying to figure out how to use ADNKit along with my team in our Professional iOS Development course to create a simple app that uses the ADNKit framework.  So far, it's been fairly difficult considering there aren't a lot of in-detail tutorials or documentation on ADNKit, so we've had to rely on what we already know and any of the few resources that we come upon.  Provided are some of the resources that have been helpful in understanding ADNKit and how to use it.

What is a Discovery Log?

You may have seen some of my posts labeled as a Discovery Log.  These were started in the Professional iOS Development course that I am currently attending as a way to approach learning specific topics.  The main point of the Discovery Logs is that the process of learning that topic is more important than worrying about completing a finished product, such as a sample app for such topic.

iOS Discovery Log - Core Data

If you have no idea what Core Data is and would like to start learning more about it, where do you start? For me, I'm going to start with a mind map to help organize some initial thoughts that I can build on:

iOS Tutorial - How to add ADNKit to your iOS project! (Part 2)

If you followed the previous tutorial then proceed with this tutorial to create a simple app that will post to your ADN feed.  

If you DID NOT follow the previous tutorial, this tutorial may not help out as much, but feel free to use it too.


Step 1.) Import the ADNKit headers

Make sure you import the ADNKit headers into where you will be using the ADNKit.

Should look something similar to:

iOS Tutorial - How to add ADNKit to your iOS project!

I wrote this tutorial when we were asked to add ADNKit and get it working in a demo app. If there's anything that could make this better, please let me know. 

Step 1.) Figure out where you want the ADNKit library files to sit

Open up your command-line tool (i.e. Terminal) and navigate to where you would like to clone the ADNKit repository. For example, if I'm going to clone the repository into a directory I've named "iOS_libraries" that's inside a directory called "Development", I'm going to enter the following into the terminal:

iOS Discovery Log - Collection Views

One of the exercises was to create a collection view that would display the numbers 1-1000 in each cell. How did I do it?

Using the following tutorials, I was able to learn a bit on how to create collection views programmatically and then insert a numeric value from 1-1000 into each cell: