Back from vacation!
All work and no play makes for a dull Bryan.
Balancing life and work, then everything inbetween.
I love learning new things and trying out all the new technology I come across, but how do I fit all that into an already busy schedule?
[Project Expense Cards] Still working on Project Expense Cards!
Ended up getting sidetracked by a PHP application that a friend needed help on, but I was still able to get some stuff done!
[Project Expense Cards] - Adding archiving functionality.
What happens when we don't want to delete outdated records and also not want them on the main screen? Let's archive them!
[Project Expense Cards] - Adding amount allocated total and date fields.
Nothing beats listening to some Coldplay and working on something fun like this. I added an amount allocated total and two date fields for picking out the "from" and "to" date periods for each card!
Updated Project page
Added the Note Manager project back unto the Project page.