Vagrant Discovery Log - Ruby on Rails Refresher!

First off, Ruby on Rails has always been fascinating to me, but I haven't done any RoR development in a couple of years, so what better way to get a refresher on the material than to spend a weekend working through the Rails tutorial from  I'm super excited, but as a developer, you want to be efficient with the way you use your time, so it can be bothersome to have to setup a development environment from scratch.  

Symfony2 Discovery Log - JMSSerializer - Don't forget @SerializedName!

It's a bit late, so I apologize in case my grammar and spelling may be a bit off.

JMSSerializer is a library for Symfony that allows users to serialize and de-serialize data of any complexity.  I was using the library to try to deserialize my JSON that is being passed to the data models for this project that I'm currently working on, but was recently stuck on figuring out why when I deserialize the JSON, the values ended up being null.  I was sure that I had everything set up just fine:

KnockoutJS Discovery Log - Observables - When to use an observable with parentheses?

I have been using KnockoutJS to make the UI for my Expense Tracking application more dynamic and have been LOVING it.  When I began learning KnockoutJS, I had a hard time trying to get the hang of observables.  Now if you've never heard of KnockoutJS, then you may not know what an observable is.  So, what are observables?  They are model properties that can automatically detect dependencies and be notified of changes.  In other words, when a property that has been declared to be a Knockout observable detects changes, the property changes accordingly.

Symfony2 Troubleshooting - Overriding loginAction from FOSUserBundle


Overrode the loginAction from FOSUserBundle and implemented logic to check if the user is fully authenticated already when they are about to land on the login page.  If they are fully authenticated, then redirect the user away from the login page, but when using the following code it was still allowing fully authenticated users to get to the login page:

Coming back, no worries!

I haven't posted anything in over a month but today I figured I'd at least post a brief update about what I've been up to.  I started working for a new place as a developer about a couple of months ago so I've been busy adjusting to the commute and the new job.  Also, due to other personal things that have come up in life, I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and write anything.  Today, I was finally able to open up my dev environment and restart development efforts on some personal projects so that's a start.  Am I burnt out? No.  Definitely, no.

Symfony2 Troubleshooting - Lifecycle callbacks not being called when using (docblock) annotations


Lifecycle callbacks such as prepersist and preupdate are not being called when defined as annotations in the entity class.

Systems Invovled:

Symfony2, Doctrine

Solutions and/or Notes: