Balancing life and work, then everything inbetween.

The other day a good friend of mine who is going to school to learn application development asked me just how do I fit in pet projects into my daily schedule when I'm busy as is already.  I told him that it's actually fairly simple!  My schedule may look busy, but it doesn't feel busy, at least not to me.  Here's what a typical work day would look like for me:

Before 8 AM 

Defeat the alarm monster.  Typical morning hygiene stuff.  Maybe some coffee if I still feel tired.

8 AM until 5 PM

Be a "rockstar ninja" coder.

5 - 6 PM

Make dinner.  Get away from all these monitors and computers.  Destress and unload.

7 - 9 PM

Spend at least an hour on my pet projects.  Minimum one hour!  If I get frustrated or run into a roadblock, I call it quits for the day and will pick it up the next day.  If that happens, I usually move on to catching up on the news, personal emails and communications.  

9 PM - 10 PM

Hit up the gym and do some weight lifting!  Pump some iron!

10 PM - ?? PM

If I need to get things done, I usually try to get it done after this time and get ready for bed.


I don't necessarily stick strictly to the above schedule but it's roughly how my day-to-day routine is like during the weekdays.  Weekends, I try to relax, but if I get bored I will jump on my pet projects and work on them.  I'll occasionally mix in some video games or reading when I don't really want to do anymore coding.  Overall, I like keeping myself busy.  It's hard to sit around being bored nowadays!