Create a microservices application architecture with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud - Part 7 - Wrap-up


In this tutorial series, we went through and created the following services that helped to form our fairly simple microservice architecture:

  • Config server
  • Discovery service
  • Proxy/API gateway service
  • Business domain services
    • General service
    • Minnesota service

Hopefully you were able to see how the data flows between the different services while working on this tutorial series. 

Since this was a fairly simple setup for a microservice architecture, we weren't using technologies like containerization like Docker or container orchestration like Kubernetes.  The next steps would be to containerize our services and put it up on a Kubernetes cluster so that we can automate the deployment instead of manually starting/stopping them through the IDE.

Thank you for taking a look at this tutorial series and hopefully it helped a little bit.  Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or through the contact page.

Tutorial Series

Part 1 - Microservices architecture overview

Part 2 - Config server

Part 3 - Discovery service

Part 4 - Business domain services (Minnesota microservice)

Part 5 - Business domain services (General microservice)

Part 6 - Proxy service & API gateway

Part 7 - Wrap-up

Code Repositories

Config server

Discovery service

Minnesota microservice

General microservice

Proxy/API gateway