Getting excited about coding!

Here's the plain and simple: I get excited about coding!  There MUST be something wrong with me, right?  It's not like I get an adrenaline rush from coding.  To me, some things that get me excited:

  • It's about the feeling of accomplishing something, no matter how big or small, and getting to see it work.
  • It's about those "Aha!" moments when you finally understand something new.
  • It's about feeling more determined when you've hit a coder's block or when frustration sets in.
  • It's about learning something new and getting the chance to apply what you learned.
  • It's about doing what you love and feeling awesome about it.

Most of these bullet points are general enough that they can also be applied to everyday life too!

Here's why I'm writing this: Last night, while working on an Android app project for my Android development class, I was stuck for a bit on getting the AI algorithm to properly handle some decisions based on what the user did.  A power nap and 3 hours later, determined to get the project done by the end of the night, things finally came together after multiple lines of coding being written and erased.  Never once did I think that I couldn't get it done, but more about when will I get it done.  I had to get it done last night.  That was the goal I set for myself.  The project had been worked on for the past couple of weekends, but a new project came out that needed to be worked on also, so I was determined to get this project done and move on to the next!  

Well, I did get project done and turned in before the end of the night.  It was exciting for me getting the AI algorithm working properly.  May not be the smartest AI, but also not the dumbest.  Pushing that project up to Bitbucket and then zipping it up to turn it felt awesome because now I can finally start working on the next Android app project (along with my iOS app projects too.)

Coding may not seem exciting to most people who have never written a line of code, but all that should matter, is that it's exciting to you.  If you could share that excitement, whether with family, friends, team members, colleagues, etc., even better!