iOS Discovery Log - ADNKit

I've been trying to figure out how to use ADNKit along with my team in our Professional iOS Development course to create a simple app that uses the ADNKit framework.  So far, it's been fairly difficult considering there aren't a lot of in-detail tutorials or documentation on ADNKit, so we've had to rely on what we already know and any of the few resources that we come upon.  Provided are some of the resources that have been helpful in understanding ADNKit and how to use it.

  • ADNKit reference -
    • The doc sets help you explore the classes that are included with ADNKit.  They don't explain a lot but they at least will help you piece together things.
  • ADNKit Wiki -
    • The ADNKit wiki can be a good place to start if you have intermediate+ knowledge of Objective-C and after you've been able to implement the ADNKit framework into your project.  May be a bit confusing for beginners though.
  • For beginners, check out the following for implementing ADNKit:
    • My way, the way I did it first - Install instructions
      • I recommend Thaddeus Terne's way of installing ADNKit if you're going to be working with multiple team members.
    • Thaddeus Terne's (@thaddeus) way of implementing ADNKit - Install instructions
  • Can't forget about the API -