PHP Discovery Log - mcrypt extension

I decided a few nights ago that I would play around with the Yii PHP framework to see how quick and different it is from Symfony2 but stopped after noticing that I didn't have the mcrypt extension which is required by the encrypt and decrypt methods in Yii.  I searched on to see if there were any installation directions but the information regarding installation was minimal at best.  After browsing Google search results, I found a tutorial at:….  Following this tutorial allowed me to get the mcrypt extension up and running, and now I can start working with the Yii framework.

So what is mcrypt?  Mcrypt is a library that allows developers to use a wide range of encryption functions.  Mcrypt also replaces the old Unix crypt command/package.  In simpler terms: data security.

Another product that requires mcrypt?  Magento.  Maybe I'll get to playing around with Magento one day.  Until the next discovery log, stay warm! (It's pretty cold out right now)