Updates for April 2016

Having the stomach flu sucks.  Missing out on work also sucks.  But with all the sleep, liquids, and medicine that I now have, I need to tire myself out and get back to bed, so here's an update for April 2016!

drupal 8 logo RGB 72.jpg

I upgraded the Drupal version of my site to Drupal 8!  Some things are still being worked on such as the "Projects" page, but things are much cleaner and orderly with the migration to D8.  The migration took me just a bit over 1 weeks worth of work from nights when I'm not playing video games or lounging around.  The color scheme did change also.  I wanted something a bit more minimalistic and less bold.  It provides for a cleaner look too.  One thing I took from this migration is just how easy D8 theming has become now with the use of the Twig templating engine.  The Twig template debug feature also rocks, makes things even easier than in D7!


Aside from work and upgrading sites from Drupal 7 to 8, I have also been reading up on Angular 2.  I decided to purchase the following ebook, ng-book 2, and go through it to learn Angular 2.  I'll provide a review of the ebook once I finish it, so hopefully I remember to come back to this post and provide an update.  

Why Angular 2 over React?  I'll get to React some day!  But I figured I'd start with Angular 2 since I wanted to port over "The Note Manager" app I created awhile ago.