First look at the revised design for the frontend for Carpe Debitum
Using VueJS along with Vuex has been a blessing in disguise to really help put things together for the frontend. Here's a look at the revised design after an evening of looking at colors and getting inspiration from other applications. This is why I'm not a UX/UI designer.
Carpe Debitum - Seize your debt!
I got tired of using spreadsheets to track my financial debt accounts like my credit cards and school loans, so I decided to start a project using VueJS for the frontend and Spring Boot (Java) for the backend.
First impression of VueJS
As a full stack developer, I'm fairly comfortable with both front end and back end development, but haven't dived too far into the JavaScript front end frameworks. I decided to take VueJS on a test run by following a tutorial on building a simple todo app after hearing so much about it from the front end developers I had talked to.
Updating Drupal 8.2.x to 8.3+ with Drush
No matter what you do you can't get Drupal to upgrade from 8.2.x to 8.3+? I was in the same situation while using Drush to update this site. Inside is a quick guide to fix the problem!
Moving forward!
A change in scenery and a change in my career as a developer.
iOS and Swift
What I've been up to the since the last post!