[Project Expense Cards] - Update on Project Expense Cards
It's been awhile since I provided an update on how my React learning is going with Project Expense Cards.
Issue/Troubleshooting: Updating a List inside a Map using ImmutableJS
Just HOW do you update a List that's inside a Map that's inside a List of Maps with ImmutableJS without ripping out your hair in frustration? Check inside!
[Project Expense Cards] - Building the start of my prototype's API
More fun things to learn: NodeJS, Express, and SequelizeJS!
Arrays/collections in React + Redux
Lots of reading. Lots of researching. Lots of trial and error. About 4 days.
First Impressions of Redux
It's a worthy struggle, I think. Definitely a change from just pure React.
First Impressions of Meteor
Well, that was fun and educational!