Frustration sets in for Angular 2
"So far so good" (d)evolved into frustration in trying to learn Angular 2 using the ebook, "ng-book 2".
Preliminary Review - ng-book 2
This is a preliminary review of the ebook, ng-book 2, that introduces the concepts of Angular 2 through the building of an actual Angular 2 app.
Updates for April 2016
I should be getting some rest, but after sleeping all day and resting from having the stomach flu...I need something to keep me busy.
Wisconsin State Curling Association has a new site!

I recently finished a freelance project for the Wisconsin State Curling Association in which they received a completely redesigned website with new features too!  The site was originally maintained by a former colleague of mine and he passed it on down to me for the new design and upgrade to the CMS that the old site was using.

The Note Manager - An AngularJS Application

In April 2015, I had the opportunity to build an AngularJS application to showcase my coding skills.  It was fun building this little app that did not have a backend whatsoever.  Everything was client-side, even the data storage via local storage in the browser.  Check out the demo here at

If you would like to view the source code, it's available at BitBucket:

AngularJS Discovery Log - Form Validations

It's been a long time since I last worked on something besides work, so this past weekend I decided to get back to my expense tracking app after realizing I needed it now more than ever.  While working on it, I ran into a small dilemma: form validations.  I understand you can create directives, or even use the built-in filters if they fulfill your needs; but what if you needed more than that?