Carpe Debitum - Seize your debt!


I'm tired of using spreadsheets to track parts of my personal finances.  But you might be thinking, "why not just use Credit Karma or Mint?".  I've used them, and I still do, but they serve a different purpose for me.  They give me a good general overview of my finances, but I like to keep a closer tab on my personal finances instead of having too much going on in front of me like the aforementioned does.  I don't need credit card or loan offers.  I just want to see where I currently stand with my debt and then plan where I need to go.

Technology Used

For right now, I'm using VueJS to build my frontend and then Spring Boot to build my RESTful API.  I'm also leveraging Auth0 for authentication to protect the frontend AND to also protect the API.

What's done so far?

So far I've completed the Auth0 implementation for the frontend and the API.  The CRUD operations for creating, reading, updating, and deleting records has been implemented also so now I can create records that will persist to the database instead of having a hardcoded dataset.  See below for examples using test data of what's completed so far.


Landing page2018-10-05 22_01_39-Carpe Debitum.png

Edit/add page

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What still needs to be done?

LOTS still need to be done!  I've been working on this project for a few hours most days in the evenings after my regular work and then sometimes on the weekends.  I still need to fix the UI, add validations, add error handling for the API, add additional functionality to the table such as sorting and live search, etc.