New changes in Carpe Debitum such as subsections and another tracking feature!

What's new?

  • Additional numbers in the dashboard area.
  • New section in the summary for "fixed expenses".
  • Icon-type indicators to let the user known that an expense needs to be updated.
  • Tracker subsection for tracking expenses by pay period.
  • Profile settings page for setting up user-based properties.

Updated Summary subsection

New Tracker subsection

What's the purpose of this new subsection?

This subsection is a budget tool that in it's original form as a spreadsheet on my Google Drive has helped me with budgeting every pay period.  You have a list of expenses such as credit card payments, car payments, rent, etc. along with various other information needed to best assess how to handle the budget.  For each pay period, you can budget a certain amount.  For example, if one of your credit card payments is $200, due at the end of the month, for the first period, you could budget $100 which would then tell you in the "Difference" column if you still need more (which you do) or if you're allocating more than what's needed.

Essentially this tool helps me budget larger expense payments by splitting them into smaller chunks that's more digestible.