[Project Expense Cards] - Adding amount allocated total and date fields.

Things are starting to look less plain.  I've added an amount allocated total to each card that the user knows how much has been allocated so far for each card:

2017-02-02 23_17_15-Finance.png


Then I added another feature, the two date fields for picking out your "from" and "to" date periods for each card.  I used the react-date-picker library for the datepicker functionality and then MomentJS to help with converting it to the proper MySQL DATETIME format.  The date conversions were a pain point that took a couple of hours to figure out, but it was mainly due to how to get the default value to show up back in the date field.  Below is an example of how the date fields look now:

2017-02-02 23_18_53-Finance.png


The whole entire app now looks like this:

2017-02-02 23_19_53-Finance.png


I also did update the colors too, but not much.  Instead of a white background, I changed it to a light grey; and then a darker grey border for each card.