[Project Expense Cards] - Adding archiving functionality.

Before I get into the more fun stuff like allowing a user to clone an expense card, I decided I should probably work on an archiving functionality so that I can just send expense cards back and forth into an archive as I need them for testing.  I also added a slide-out menu that reveals itself when the navigation icon is clicked on the left-hand side of the app.  The navigation menu is done ENTIRELY with CSS with some code in the components to add and remove the CSS classes on click.  Check it out below:

2017-02-07 23_07_44-Finance.png


Below, you'll see when the navigation slides out, it reveals a few options.  The logout option doesn't work yet since I have not implemented user management.

2017-02-07 23_09_24-Finance.png


On the archive page, the user will get a list of archived expense cards in a table.  I have not decided if I want to implement tablesorting, although it would definitely be a nice-to-have.  The "View Expenses" and "Unarchive" button functionalities will be the next couple of things I'll be working on, so look out for those in the future!

2017-02-07 23_09_39-Finance.png


So far, so good.  It's actually been pretty fun working with React and the various libraries like Redux and ImmutableJS.  Definitely have learned quite a lot since a few months ago.