[Project Expense Cards] Still working on Project Expense Cards!

Since the last update on Project Expense Cards, I have added Auth0 authentication to the application, added a minimum due field, and radio buttons for the type of expense.  Implementing Auth0 was as easy as following their instructions on the site and expanding upon it.  I did have to move some things around, but overall, it was a fairly straightforward implementation.  Check it out below!


Auth0 authentication

I do need to spruce up the login page more, but for now a lone button will work.  When a user clicks on the button, the Auth0 lock screen pops up asking for you login credentials like below:

2017-02-28 18_09_49-Finance.png

Users who are not logged into the application will be taken right back to the login screen!  Easy and straightforward.


New fields

I added a minimum due field for the expenses so that a user can tell if they're paying the amount in full (or more), or if they're only allocated some amount of the minimum due.  I normally use the minimum due to determine if for that pay period, I am paying the expense or only saving up for part of the monthly payment.  I also included the minimum due field as a column too for easy reference.

2017-02-28 18_16_09-Finance.png


The minimum due field is also on the expense form:

2017-02-28 18_18_10-Finance.png


I also added radio buttons for the user to mark the expense as a certain type.  This is on the expense form and will determine what the icon will be in the "Type" column.

2017-02-28 18_19_58-Finance.png


2017-02-28 18_20_52-Finance.png


What's up next...

I am going to start working on the ability to clone an expense card AND expenses so that users can just clone an expense card or expense as they need it without having to do too much manual work.