[Project Expense Cards] - Update on Project Expense Cards

First of all, it's been fun and continues to be pretty rewarding for me to be learning React.  Brings back memories of why I chose this profession.  Now for the updates about the project.

I stopped working on the API for now.  It's working as I need it to for now.  The following are the actions that my API can perform for now:

  • Create new expense card
  • Create new expense
  • Update expense

I decided to switch back to the client-side of the project and refactor some things around.  When adding or updating expenses, a modal will pop up now instead of trying to edit the expense in the expense card.  I wasn't able to really figure out a good way to do inline editing quite yet so I'll leave that for the future.

Here's a screenshot of how it looks like now.  Don't mind the "card id" output on the expense card.  It's there for debugging purposes only.

2017-01-19 20_36_32-Finance.png


This next screenshot is the modal that's used for adding/updating an expense.  I am using the react-modal library for the modal functionality.

2017-01-19 20_37_11-Finance.png


I'm planning on making sure the updating works before moving on.  Right now the modal form will populate any values that have been entered for that expense, but the "Submit" button doesn't work yet.  After that, I'll probably move on to working on the API again.