[Project Expense Cards] - Updating and deleting the cards and records.

The process is starting to get easier with creating new components and hooking them up as things become more repetitive and consistent.

I removed the checkboxes for the "Allocated?" and "Paid?" columns and instead turned their status icons into buttons which the user can just click to mark them accordingly.  The status buttons use one component shared between the two, instead of two separate components that would be doing the exact same thing with slightly different data.  See below for an example:

2017-02-01 20_52_58-Finance.png

In addition to the above changes, I also finished up the update functionality when a user wants to update the expense name or allocated amount.  I also added a new button to the card that will allow a user to delete the card.  Because I'm using Sequelizer, I have also turned on the cascade on delete for the cards so that any related expenses are also removed.  When the mouse is not hovered over the delete card button, it's just the symbol by itself, but when the user hovers over the button, then the words "Delete Card" are shown with an expanded button.  The mouseover and mouseout event were coded completely in React.  There is no jQuery involved.  See below for how it looks before and after:

2017-02-01 20_52_24-Finance.png

2017-02-01 20_52_42-Finance.png