The Note Manager - An AngularJS Application

In April 2015, I had the opportunity to build an AngularJS application to showcase my coding skills.  It was fun building this little app that did not have a backend whatsoever.  Everything was client-side, even the data storage via local storage in the browser.  Check out the demo here at

If you would like to view the source code, it's available at BitBucket:

AngularJS Discovery Log - Form Validations

It's been a long time since I last worked on something besides work, so this past weekend I decided to get back to my expense tracking app after realizing I needed it now more than ever.  While working on it, I ran into a small dilemma: form validations.  I understand you can create directives, or even use the built-in filters if they fulfill your needs; but what if you needed more than that?

AngularJS Discovery Log - Custom Filters

One of the development skills I'm trying to build up is AngularJS and when I came across building custom filters, I was pretty surprised at how powerful and easy they were.  I like reusable code, who doesn't?  Custom filters help with that especially when you want to do something with the data such as reversing the text like in the example below.  Below is an example of how you can create your own filter and then use it in your view:


KnockoutJS Discovery Log - Observables - When to use an observable with parentheses?

I have been using KnockoutJS to make the UI for my Expense Tracking application more dynamic and have been LOVING it.  When I began learning KnockoutJS, I had a hard time trying to get the hang of observables.  Now if you've never heard of KnockoutJS, then you may not know what an observable is.  So, what are observables?  They are model properties that can automatically detect dependencies and be notified of changes.  In other words, when a property that has been declared to be a Knockout observable detects changes, the property changes accordingly.

First impression of VueJS

As a full stack developer, I'm fairly comfortable with both front end and back end development, but haven't dived too far into the JavaScript front end frameworks. I decided to take VueJS on a test run by following a tutorial on building a simple todo app after hearing so much about it from the front end developers I had talked to.