Cygwin Tutorial - Integrating Cygwin into Console2 for Windows

I use Cygwin quite often, since I do quite a lot development on Windows, but I like having multiple tabs opened when having to use any type of CLI.  When on my Mac, I like having multiple tabs opened in my terminal window, and same goes for your different flavors of Linux when I need to use them.  Cygwin doesn't give you this option but Console2 does.  Well, let's put them both together to get an awesome, working solution!  

Difficulty - Beginners

Shouldn't be too hard.

Gradle Tutorial - How to install Gradle on Windows

The installation instructions for Gradle on their site at http://www.gradle.org/installation is okay for a beginner, but could be better. If you followed the very simple instructions on their site, then you may have run into some trouble and would have to do some searching on the internet to find out why you weren't getting anything from typing gradle -v into the command prompt. Here are the full steps to get Gradle working without worries!

Bitnami Tutorial - Installing MariaDB over MySQL on a Bitnami virtual machine

This tutorial is going to explain how to install MariaDB on your Bitnami virtual machine.  Bitnami stacks come packaged with MySQL by default so in case you wanted to use MariaDB whether for work or play, hopefully this tutorial will help you.

Difficulty Level - Intermediate

If you are not familiar with using a command line tool such as PuTTY or Terminal, then this may prove to be a bit of a challenge, but I have created the instructions to be as easy as possible to follow.

Drupal 7 Tutorial: Getting Syntax Highlighter + CKEditor to work properly with the WYSIWYG module

This tutorial will explain how to get the Syntax Highlighter plugin to work properly with the CKEditor plugin and WYSIWYG module.  I will assume that you already have a Drupal 7 installation ready, so the next thing to do is making sure we have the required modules and plugins.

Make sure you have the following downloaded:

iOS Tutorial - How to add and configure mogenerator in Xcode 5

Adding mogenerator

1.) Go to http://rentzsch.github.io/mogenerator/ and download mogenerator.   You could also install mogenerator via homebrew if you'd like too.  Instructions are below the download image (as shown below):

2.) After downloading the mogenerator DMG file, mount the image by double-clicking on it and then click on the package file to start installing it.  Let the installer run and finish.


iOS Tutorial - How to add ADNKit to your iOS project! (Part 2)

If you followed the previous tutorial then proceed with this tutorial to create a simple app that will post to your ADN feed.  

If you DID NOT follow the previous tutorial, this tutorial may not help out as much, but feel free to use it too.


Step 1.) Import the ADNKit headers

Make sure you import the ADNKit headers into where you will be using the ADNKit.

Should look something similar to:

iOS Tutorial - How to add ADNKit to your iOS project!

I wrote this tutorial when we were asked to add ADNKit and get it working in a demo app. If there's anything that could make this better, please let me know. 

Step 1.) Figure out where you want the ADNKit library files to sit

Open up your command-line tool (i.e. Terminal) and navigate to where you would like to clone the ADNKit repository. For example, if I'm going to clone the repository into a directory I've named "iOS_libraries" that's inside a directory called "Development", I'm going to enter the following into the terminal: