[Tutorial] Create a microservices application architecture with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud – Part 7 – Wrap-up

May 1, 2019

In this last part of the tutorial series, we’re going to wrap up the microservice architecture that we created using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. This post will not have any tutorial steps as we have completed that with part 6.


In this tutorial series, we went through and created the following services that helped to form our fairly simple microservice architecture:

  • Config server
  • Discovery service
  • Proxy/API gateway service
  • Business domain services
    • General service
    • Minnesota service

Hopefully you were able to see how the data flows between the different services while working on this tutorial series. 

Since this was a fairly simple setup for a microservice architecture, we weren’t using technologies like containerization like Docker or container orchestration like Kubernetes.  The next steps would be to containerize our services and put it up on a Kubernetes cluster so that we can automate the deployment instead of manually starting/stopping them through the IDE.

Thank you for taking a look at this tutorial series and hopefully it helped a little bit.  Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or through the contact page.

Tutorial Series

Part 1 – Microservices architecture overview

Part 2 – Config server

Part 3 – Discovery service

Part 4 – Business domain services (Minnesota microservice)

Part 5 – Business domain services (General microservice)

Part 6 – Proxy service & API gateway

Part 7 – Wrap-up

Code Repositories

Config server

Discovery service

Minnesota microservice

General microservice

Proxy/API gateway

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